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Easter 2018 Winter Sports Holiday

22 -29 March 2018

TGM Snowsports is pleased to be operating this holiday for Morecambe Community High School. Last operated in Easter 2016 providing a very successful holiday to the the school group.

You will have recieved a letter asking you to make further payements against the cost of the holiday for your son or daughter.

If you wish to pay by cheque, e-banking or standing order please follow the instructions in the letter. Please ensure your payments are made in time to match the due dates of the installments

If you wish to pay by debit card, credit card or PayPal you may do so below. The online payment choices are:-

OPTION 1 - Payment on 1st July 2017 & 1st December 2017 – 2 payments of £370.00


OPTION 2 - Payment on 1st  April 2017, 1st July 2017 & 1st November 2017 – 3 payments of £246.66

This page will enable you to make payments via our secure web payment system 'Worldpay'. When you enter payment details on these pages you will be transacting directly with Worldpay secure servers and at no time does TGM obtain or retain details of your payment card. Payment by debit card is free. Payment by credit card or PayPal is subject to a 3.5% transaction charge.

Please use your son/daughters name as a payment description. You will receive two emails confirming your online transaction. One from us and one from Worldpay.

Proceed to make an online payment>>>>>



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